What, Why?

Antibacterial lighting solutions for food industry

  • Easy to install
  • Retrofit – for existing cooling counters (option for new counters)
  • Energy efficient lighting
  • LED technology
  • Optimal direction and location of the light
  • Ensures safety and shelf life of food products
  • Safe for humans, can be continuously on
  • Increases the attractiveness of the products for sale
  • Optimal spectrum of white light, warm white
  • Increases the shelf life of vitamin B in the products
  • Low blue spectrum
  • Environmental friendly solution
  • Less chemicals needed for cleaning
  • Integrated lighting is a sustainable solution

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Case: Food display counters

Integrated antibacterial lighting for better food safety and sales

  • Higher food quality
  • Longer shelf life for vitamins
  • Better visual appearance
  • Reduced food waste
  • Excellent energy efficiency
  • Easy to install with retrofit solutions

Potential applications

Endless possibilities for integrated antibacterial lighting

  • Buffet lines
  • Hospitals
  • Laboratories and pharmacies
  • Public toilets
  • Public transportation
  • Elevator cabins
  • Greenhouses

Flexbright Oy – High-tech company

  • More than for 6 years of technology development based on VTT’s R2R hybrid technology platform
  • 3+1 patents and talented team of 7 persons
  • The first manufacturing line launched 2 years ago
  • ISO 9001 quality system implemented
  • High volume manufacturing for NSG Pilkington Automotive Finland Oy starting in 2020

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